Michaela Logue, BS, BA


Master Neurostrategist



You are a powerhouse. You know it. You've always known it. It's time the world knows it! You know deep in your bones you were meant for more, yet you’re afraid you’re not good enough.  You worry people won’t like “the real” you. I understand, I have been there as well. However, it’s time to make a shift.

I’m Michaela Logue. As an 18 year veteran life and business coach, motivational speaker, and published author - I am a POWERHOUSE at helping clients own their worth, claim their confidence and become high performing power players who get results– without the guilt. I now give you permission to do the same. It’s because of my own journey that I know I’m called to challenge you to your greatness, stretch you, test your limits, and set fire to your fears.

My clients are high achievers dreamers, visionaries, who hold something so powerful, so wickedly incredible within… they are on the cusp of greatness - yet the scars of their past have them second guessing themselves. Together we call on your courage, bust through fearful mindsets, and awaken your inner POWERHOUSE so you can stop apologizing, for being you. Working with me you will discover your true INNER SELF and will transform into the amazing individual you were meant to be.

I help everyday people be greater. I help aspiring business owners identify their dream business idea and facilitate having this idea go from a dream to a tangible reality.

Schedule a consultation today. Together, we can create the BEST VERSION OF YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS.